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Hey everyone, thanks for visiting the website and for reaching out to know a little about me!


I am a maturing married father of two (both off to college) and consider myself fully blessed with health, love and happiness. I reside in a very small town in central Massachusetts where the cows and alpaca outnumber the people by a large margin. We are located not too far from the City of Worcester and the Cities of Fitchburg and Leominster so all the amenities are within a reasonable drive of a half hour. I have lived in central MA. my whole life with only one complaint (which you can find down below). Can’t complain about the four major professional sports franchises – wow are they all on a run and keep us entertained. Wicked Awesome! When I can, I try to get to a game now and again and have seen all four teams in action.


Roughly sixty percent of the land mass in my town is state or federal owned and protected for wildlife, watershed or agricultural purposes so I happen upon all sorts of wildlife when walking my golden, Granger and before him Bailey. From moose, coyote, deer and the occasional black bear to name a few, I have seen them all. Someday I should bring a camera. I recently saw a bobcat and read in the paper about a mountain lion being seen in the area. Yes, I bring mace and have protection on my walks. Gosh knows Granger would just want to play with whatever happens along. I would bring my phone but this is one of those rare moments in my day where it is nice to be off the grid – at least for a while.


My claim to fame is that I grew up a second-generation real estate guy. My mother and father both were into the real estate thing when I was growing up and it looked quite intriguing, so when I had the chance in the mid 1980’s to consider a career change, I went for the class and the exam. I was hooked immediately. It really is a fascinating field with lots of opportunity. The trick is there is little guidance about how to set yourself up right except for trial and lots of error – until now. Follow along and I will drop information that you will probably not find on other websites. Not to brag but I have been looking for years to see if anyone is talking about the stuff I will continue to put out and I have yet to find it consistently. Follow along and let me know if you are seeing this information anywhere else or not. Would love your feedback.


Now in my mid 50’s and decades into this career has led me to wondering what I can do with decades full of real estate information in my head and how I can give back. I live, sleep and eat real estate ever since those early years. Now I want to help the generations coming up who want to be real estate agents or those simply looking to buy or sell their first place.


Whether it is my real estate knowledge of sales, crazy issues I have encountered in the field or the dozens of appraisal questions I get asked on a weekly basis. There is much people do not know about the appraisal field and how it could impact them. There are tons of new regulations since the Great Recession and I will explain in plain English how they may relate to a deal you may be in.


The market in my area is everything from large several hundred acre farms, equestrian properties to million-dollar hilltop estates with fifty mile views to Boston down to the typical subdivision, condo complex and inner city multi-family and investment properties. This area also has some towns that have been hard hit with the Great Recession, foreclosures and short sales and you could buy single family properties for $30,000 not long ago. We have lots of small lakes, rivers and do all kinds of work with that market as well. Tough job performing an appraisal at one of these water front properties in August, but someone must do it.


Fishing for bass, perch, pickerel and other small fresh water species is great. I am lucky to live in a very diverse area that changes from town to town. Spoiler alert. My only complaint is I hate the cold. Don’t mind the snow. No skiing, No skating. I snowshoe as an appraiser and part of the job but not a fan. If it could snow above forty degrees I would be all over it.


When not working I generally like to fish when I can, golf a half dozen times a year, walk the dog daily as mentioned, camp in our travel trailer, I find yard work quite relaxing and I absolutely love to spend time with family and friends at every occasion of which I am blessed with many. You may also notice from some of my photos in the GALLERY I enjoy a good meal now and again with some awesome home grown restaurants in the area, not franchise places but old school family owned one of a kind places. If you are coming to central MA. let me know and I will provide some recommendations.


Vacations have taken me to many locations from California, DC, Carolinas, Florida to New Orleans, the Bahamas and Caribbean islands and many places in between. Met some awesome people, never had a bad trip and can’t complain about any of them. We have an awesome country and I hope to see more of it.


Hope you now have a little idea that I am an everyday guy. Have a lot of years in the business and many things rattling around in my head that I will continue to put out there for you to learn from.


Should you want some information about my PROFESSIONAL PROFILE check that out as well!

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My goal is to educate, inform and entertain your real estate curiosities
My goal is to educate, inform and entertain your real estate curiosities